This is the average annual return of the StockChart since 2000.

109,43%. That is the return of the Brussels Model portfolio since 2015.
In the same period, the BEL20 only increased by 1.06%.


119,21%. That is the return of the Frankfurt Model Portfolio since 2015.
In the same period, the DAX rose by 19.89%. StockChart did 100% better.


230,45%. Dat is de return van de Modelportefeuille Paris sinds 2006.
In diezelfde periode steeg de CAC40 slechts met 9,50%.


648,16%. That is the return of the New York Model Portfolio since 2009.
In the same period, the S&P500 rose by 342.57%. Thus, StockChart also outperforms the S&P500.

The above returns are updated on 14 February 2021.


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I follow the Belgian model portfolio of StockChart. The algorithm provides me with buy and sell signals that allow me to invest consistently and without emotion. And with success: over the past 3 years, I have outperformed the BEL20.

J.R. (Gent)

As a self-employed person, I have little time. I receive the buy and sell signals from StockChart via e-mail. Surf to my trading account and execute the transaction. I don’t think I do more than 2 transactions a month.

V.A. (Leuven)

I used to subscribe to several investment magazines. With varying success. I have been following StockChart for five years now. The algorithm is not a crystal ball and sometimes gets it wrong or reacts with a delay to market movements. But in 5 years’ time, I did realise an excellent return.

A.P. (Turnhout)
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