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CompuGraphics is specialized in web applications, financial software, and supply of financial share prices worldwide. Using passionate dedication and highly advanced technology, CompuGraphics creates an important advantage and excellent results for investors.

The concept is transparent and simple.

Why choose StockChart?

Have you ever asked yourself: What do I do with my money?

We felt the same way. There was no proper answer to that question, which is why we developed StockChart

  • There are always tough choices to be made. If you invest in loss-making companies, you are in a losing position. As such, investment in shares asks for knowledge and monitoring of the values you are considering to buy, as well as the values in your portfolio.
  • For many, this is an obstacle, and that is why investors will ask advice from the bank. If you go to the bank, you will start by filling out your investor’s profile. The more returns you wish for, the more dynamic your profile will be. Essentially, the bank wants to safeguard itself in case the investment turns out poorly. It was you who made the decision. A share that can rise with 20 percent, for instance, can easily drop 20 percent or more…
  • Investors with a lot of experience and a lot of time available will know like no other that it is nigh impossible to beat the market. Some can continue to do this a few years in a row, but maintaining it, year after year is incredibly difficult and asks for a lot of spare time.

That is why StockChart is an excellent source for every investor!

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Choice between 15 Model portfolios

Every one of our model portfolios scores better than the market index. Is this a guarantee? StockChart is no crystal ball, but on the basis of the last 20 years, you can see that the returns of every portfolio are higher than the market index, almost annually. For some years, the difference is very large, and for that reason, the returns rise far above the index after a few years.

  1. You choose one of the multiple model portfolios you wish to monitor. All model portfolios started with 125,000 euros. Most of them have risen to… that’s right… a couple million euros.
  2. You divide the current capital of the model portfolio by the capital you wish to invest. In doing so, you have established a scaling factor to use for the purchase of a number of effects. You can now be certain that you will yield the same returns as the model portfolio.

You save a lot of time

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  • you yourself choose how much capital to invest
  • you yourself choose when to invest
  • you yourself choose your bank or broker
  • you pay no management fees

Investing in shares was the most interesting type of investment in the past century.

The result excludes proceeds of dividends obtained!

The model portfolio does not take costs into account.

The result excludes proceeds of dividends obtained!
Since big differences exist between purchase and sale fees for the different financial institutions, we do not count such fees.

On the other hand, earnings from dividends are not added either. As these proceeds are generally higher than the cost-price for buying and selling, your net returns will be at least equal to the returns of the model portfolio.

An average dividend yield of 2% per year means a vast increase in value over 20 years.

  • Buy all values of the chosen model portfolio
  • Spread the purchase of a model portfolio over months or years
  • A purchase in stages ensures a lower investment risk
Performance above all expectations



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What is the difference between a bank and a broker?

What does it mean to let your profits rise?
How do you save on expenses?

How do I know my bank is safe?
Am I the one managing my money?

We get these types of questions on a daily basis.
We look forward to counseling you on these matters.

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